A few years ago my wife asked me to make some wooden raised beds for our vegetable garden, so I thought about hoe to make them, I took pencil to paper and tried to draw freehand (thank god I dont do that anymore!!!) what I wanted to make. The next step was trying to proce the project and see how much it would cost, so I went to my local Home Depot store to see what materials they had. I ended up just buying 2"x 6"pressure treated lumber as it was the cheapest and went about making the raised beds it wasn't anything special basically just used screws and butted each piece of wood and screwed it home.

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the build, but anyway that is when i caught the woodworking bug, I love every phase of the project from concept, to design and finally execution. I don't use pencil and paper to sketch out my drawing instead a use a free 3D computer program to help with that, but more about that later.

By the way, the picture beside this post is my second ever project and it was a pressure treated planter that I made for my deck, it didn't look all that nice, but it was a lesson in learning how to construct a box, I would like to think that I am a better woodworker now and try to improve my skill set set on every project I make. I have to say that I have learnt more from my mistakes than anything else I have tried in woodworking so far.

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