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I love my new router cabinet because of the following reasons, its made of oak and plywood and not only did I make it aestetically nice looking I bought some first class accessories for which include the Kreg Router table top and precision jig. Overall its a fantastic addition to my workshop and love everytime I get to use it.

 Dedicated Miter Saw


Kitchen Island

On Wheels

This project was one of my favorites because it was definitely the biggest project I had ever undertaking in my woodworking thus far.

I learned a lot about how cabinets are made and also about all the different types of drawer construction, I spent as much time designing this project on Sketchup as building it. Since I built it I have moved it to another section of the shop. 

Another reason I love this project is because I cut a full 8' feet piece of wood and its supported all the way.

Would I change anything about it, definitely after using it for about 2 years I would of put more drawers in the unit and probably put a bank of smaller drawers on the top work surface since I don't really use he cabinet space as much as I used to since I made new homes for the drill press and bandsaw.

When I was making this project I made a blog on my Lumberjocks.com online workshop feel free to check it out

Tablesaw Accessories


I have to give credit to WoodWorkingMereMortals as his site was the inspiration behind this project.

It’s basically a stool made from 1 piece of 2×4 with a series of lap joints and glue keeping it together.

This might be one of the cheapest projects I’ve made $2.49 but it was not without its challenges..

I liked this project because it was a major challenge and was really cheap but a HUGE learning experience

Router Cabinet

& Table Upgrade.

This project was one of my favorites becauseit was just very fun to build, I just purchased the Kreg pocket hole jig and this I think was one of the first projects I used it on.

I love how different it looks and all I used was some 1x12 boards it came out awesome and is still gathering dust today.

If you click on the green heading above it will bring more information about the build from my Lumberjocks.com page.

This project was one of my favorites because I just had been wanting to build one for a long time but I didn't have the need in my house for one, then one day a work colleague asked me to design one from the ground up. It had to have the following characteristics

  • Be Portable
  • Have removable wine rack
  • They needed it to be 36" wide, I widened it another 12" but so as to not to take up more room I installed a pain of drop leaf brackets.
  • Plenty of storage (there are 2 very deep drawers, and a big cabinet space below the middle shelf.

Overall the project was a great success and the customer was extremely happy.

Oh and by the way I created a blog of the different phases of the build , you can find it here

This project was one of my favorites  obviously because its a beer cooler, this was an interesting build and its still in good shape as its going strong 2.5 years later.

My friends loved it that much I made like 3 of them and one found all its way down to Florida.

I also made a blog about this build and you can find it here.

This project was one of my favorites  This project has been long over due and I was tired of tripping over my files and Sketchup plans so I decided to make myself this filing cabinet.

I thought that I would save myself some money and just use 3/4’ sheet goods and stain it, I also a a few first in this project such as I never used iron on veneer before and it came out ok.. I think its a skill you get better at the more you use it…​

 Chisel Toolbox

Made with Oak Accents

This project was one of my favorites because it definitely was one of my most challenging projects, mainly because there was so many projects within this main project, making frame and panel carcass, making drawers and not using drawer slides.

I do like how it came out and I made this about a year ago and I already want to make a different one because, the drawers are not smooth in opening and closing and I don't like the stain job because of all the glue stains, its made from oak and plywood.. the next one I make will be more solid and not using plywood for the case construction.

This project was one of my favorites because it made life around the tablesaw much more efficient. The tablesaw is the heart and soul of my workshop and having most of the accessories right beside me is a god send.

I love how it came out and not only is it a very practical build it looks great as well.

I also made a detailed description  about this build and you can find it here.


Stepstool Made

with 1 Piece of 2x4