​​​Ed's Custom Woodcrafts


In this section you will find information on alot of tips and general information regarding the fundamentals of woodworking and to be honest while researching this section of the website I learned so much and was genuinely interest in the content.

Such as some very valuable safety considerations, what the difference in hardwood and softwoods. I spent a considerable amount of time compiling a list of hardwood & softwoods and there exhibited in a chart (please note that because of the amount of content in this section it will not be visable on your smart phone, please visit it on a desktop.

Measuring tools because measuring is a huge part of woodworking and can ultimately make or break a projects success or failure

Lastly I designed a PowerPoint on some basic and advanced joints there are literally dozens of joints in the world of woodworking but I showed a few and ultimately where they are to be use and strenth and weaknesses to them, I formated the powerpoint as a video and I have included links to download the actual powerpoint .